About Us


Our mission is to develop outstanding reputation solutions for the automotive industry that promote the true value of dealerships, with results that impact the bottom line.

AutoReputations was founded in 2012 by car dealers and online reputation managers who recognized the need to defend dealers in the uphill battle these businesses face. The difference between our company and others is that we have been there. We have dealt with these same issues, and we know how to fix them by improving your dealership’s reputation, repairing its already negative feedback, and defending against future online negativity. Our program will increase traffic, increase sales, and increase CSI, which increases the overall bottom line of your dealership.

Our core focus is on Reputation Management. That’s all we do, and we are experts at it.

Our Team


Nick Collins serves as the CEO and founder of AutoReputations. He founded AutoReputations in October 2012. He has more than 13 years of hands-on development experience and 10+ years of enterprise-level development as well as six years of reputation management (ORM) experience. Nick founded RemoveMyName.com, which is the industry leader in online damage control and has used that experience to leverage and assist dealerships in need worldwide.

Craig Chilcoat has 15 years’ experience in the automobile industry. He is co-founder of AutoReputations.com, general sales manager of a well-known automotive dealership, and was a previous dealer principal. With such expertise comes the know-how of what it takes to not only run a successful dealership but also improve it. The business is changing, and he and his team have found a way to take your dealership to where it needs to be. Ideas range from digital marketing strategies to social online interaction and support, but different from our competitors is that Craig’s core focus is on dealer reputation. He says, “We are a dealer advocate company built to protect, shield, and evolve our dealers as we improve their overall reputation in the eyes of the consumer.” Craig is truly passionate about the automobile business, and he is dedicated to revolutionizing our industry in how dealers are perceived by the public.

George Mangos, lead manager of AutoReputations, is an industry expert in the auto industry and reputation management, which is a very rare and valuable combination. George is a certified Mark of Excellence holder from GM besides being our senior advisor for the auto division. He is a double threat, with his 13 years of experience in the auto industry and six years in reputation management.

Jake Lawson has been in the automotive industry for 15 years and held positions as a General Manager, Finance Manager, Sales Manager within the dealership. Jake has also spent 12 years as an industry veteran specializing in search engine optimization, reputation management, and social media strategies for all businesses serving as a catalyst for successful marketing, training, Internet start-up, finance, customer loyalty, and business development initiatives. This is complemented by high-caliber management qualifications and a proven track record in delivering results.

Our powerful combination of auto and reputation-related experience is unmatched, and we believe our solutions are the best in the industry.

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